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Marine Formula
Handyman Formula
Automotive Formula

Marine Formula™

Marine Formula™ is a revolutionary chemical product, first introduced in 1999, that when applied to polyurethane adhesive / sealants (such as 3M™ 5200) breaks the bond between the adhesive and the surfaces being held together.  In addition to its primary use, Marine Formula™ has also been found to be effective in removing other caulks, adhesives and sealants; for the removal of black rub marks and others.  Marine Formula™ will not harm: Gelcoat, PlexiGlass, AwlGrip®, Imron®.

Handyman Formula™

Handyman Formula™, introduced in 2003, is based on the same technology employed in our flagship product, Marine Formula™.  Handyman Formula™ is specifically formulated to remove the adhesive products commonly used in and around the home or workplace.

Handyman Formula™ is designed to remove construction adhesives, Liquid Nails®, Silicone Rubber and Caulks, Tape Residue, Crayon Marks, Tar, Tree Sap, Graffiti, Chewing Gum (even gum embedded in carpet)

Automotive Formula™

Automotive Formula™ was introduced in 2004.  Automotive Formula™ is based, again, on the same technology as our earlier products, Marine Formula™, and Handyman Formula™.  In this case, adjustments have been made to target the specific types of adhesives used in vehicles.  Automotive Formula™ is very effective in removing Tar & Tree Sap on Clear Coat, Overspray on Chrome & Clear Coat, Black Rub Marks on Whitewalls, Most Graffiti and Paint Overspray, Decal and Adhesive tape, Cured Polyurethane Adhesive/Sealants, Weather Stripping & Trim Molding, Painted Pin Striping, Polysulfide Engine Gaskets, Carbon buildup on Engine parts.  Automotive Formula™ will not harm Clear Coat finishes.

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